Extracurricular activities

The additional offers at VHG include: 

Youth research:

Since 2007, natural science students have been able to pursue their scientific curiosity and become part of this course, leading up to the Bavarian Youth Research Competition. Some achievements of very dedicated students:

2008: 3 pupils of class 8 c got a special prize for ecology and environmental protection

2010: 2 pupils got a first prize in the technology department

2011: 1 girl got a first prize in the biology department

2014: 1 girl got a special prize for renewable ressources

2015: 3 pupils got a prize in the chemistry department

Model European Parliament (MEP):

Since 1988 the Model European Parliament has taken place in the Netherlands at Kerkrade. There students can take the roles of members of the Model European Parliament and simulate the work of European politicians. For nearly 20 years, pupils of the VHG Bogen have taken part in it with enthusiasm. Well prepared by teacher Michael Käser, between six and eight students of our school take part in this parliament simulation every year to discuss the future of Europe with young people from other European countries. 

Musical theatre:

The musical theatre performs a play with songs once a year in our school's gym. The scenarios are written by talented students, but for a good performance, the musical theatre also needs good actors, dancers and musicians. Good management is also a must before a play can go onstage. Therefore, our teachers Mr. Sagstetter, Mr. Wech, Mr. Tomys and Mrs. Reiß are responsible for the planning and organization of this annual school production. Some names of plays from the past few years: "One for all"; "Jinxed"; "In the ghetto". Rehearsals are every Friday from 13.15 to 14:45. 


Pupils who have played an instrument for some time can join the school orchestra, which is directed by Mrs. Köppel. Every year, the VHG orchestra plays a concert at the "Kulturforum Oberalteich" before Easter, but there are many other performances during the school year. Three practice days - usually at the beginning of the school year – take place at the Music Academy in Alteglofsheim. Orchestra rehearsals are every Wednesday from 13:30 to 15:00. 


Since 2004 students can choose robotics, a course called into being by Mr. Freelandt. The aim of tis course is to build small robots and later ever larger and more complex plants from standard "Lego bricks". The construction’s mechanical, movable parts are programmed by the students as well. Objectives are: 1. Increasing interest in special subjects like computer science and engineering 2. Developing team-working skills 3. Applying the knowledge of the IT-, mathematics and physics lessons 4. Training craft skills 5. Strengthening endurance and perseverance 6. Coping with frustration The group meets every Friday between 13:30 and 15:00. 

Theatre group:

This group is open to all students from years 5 to 12, who have desire for movement, representation, conscious articulation and creativity. Rehearsals are every Wednesday afternoon from 13:30 – 15:00. In recent years, well-known dramas such as "The Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare, as well as our own productions were performed. All those who enjoy drama or activities around a performance like set design or technology are welcome! The theatre group is directed by Mrs. Englmeier. 

School newspaper:

The school newspaper group of the VHG consists of about 20 to 30 pupils who are talented in writing. The group meets every Wednesday afternoon between 13:30 to 15:00 to write the articles that appear eventually in the school's student newspaper named "VÄHIG". To intensify work and to get to know better new members the school newspaper group spends a few days together before the Christmas holidays together with the dance group and the theatre group. The school newspaper group is headed by Mr. Labrenz in support of three student editors. 

Dance group:

The dance group consists of two groups: pupils from year 8-12 and pupils from year 5-7. They meet weekly on Wednesday afternoons between 13:30 to 15:00. The dance group participates in performances of the musical theatre, but they also have their own performance in the "Kulturforum Oberalteich", where show their talent and dancing skills. Both dance groups are directed by PE-teacher Mrs. Junker, who is helped by students from years 11 and 12. 

Psychology course:

In this extracurricular activity students learn about historical and recent psychological theories and research priorities and are meant to become qualified on the basis of these theories in a science-oriented thinking and working environment. In addition, the pupils should be able to speak about psychological phenomena with empathy and in a communication-oriented way. Contact person for all things psychological is educational psychologist and staff member Mrs. Knaus.