German - Australian student exchange

Our school has got an exchange program with Australian schools since 1999. A deep friendship connects the VHG with the Korowa Anglican Girls' School and Scotch College, Melbourne (an all-boys school). The girls’ visit lasts four and the boys’ visit lasts six weeks and often the contact to the exchange partner is maintained for many years.

Highlights for the Australian visitors are the school’s Advent celebration, visiting the Christmas Market as well as the trip to Neuschwanstein Castle. As Australian winters quite mild, exchange students are also keen on getting to know German snow-covered landscapes.

The Australian girls visit Germany in November/December and the German girls visit Australia in February.

For the boys, the Germans come to Australia first, also in February/March and the Australian boys visit Germany the following December/ January.

Highlights for German girls taking part in the exchange are the visits to the Great Ocean Road and Sovereign Hill, but the train journey with "Puffing Billy" is something special as well. German students also love getting to know the Australian school system, which is very different to ours.

Australian students for example don’t take notes by hand any more but instead work on computers.

Furthermore, one of the most important things is to get to know each other's culture. This exchange is a great opportunity to experience other ways of living, everyday life and lots of similarities, despite the differences. For many students it is the experience of their lifetime.

By the way in Down under you can taste many delicacies which aren't known around here, as well as the other way round: meat pie, pavlova, melting moments for Germans - "Schweinebraten", "Weißwurst" and "Knödel" for Australians.