Veit Höser - our schools eponym

Veit Höser - Who was that man?

Veit Höser was born on the 12th of November 1577 in Kirchenlaibach, not far from Bayreuth. In 1614 he was elected abbot of the monastery in Oberalteich "concordantly and with cheers" and consecrated by the bishop in the Regensburg cathedral.

It is handed down about him that he temporarily fell out of favour with his superiors because he had shown a preference for science and had spent more time on it than on religious reflections and diligent prayer.

As an abbot he increased his monastery's possessions and added valuable objects to the church treasury. He had the library completed and cared about the teachers' qualifications.

During the 30-years-war between Catholics and Protestants he had to flee and the monastery was pilfered by marauding armies. There was even a bounty placed on his head.

After a long and eventful life, he died of the plague on the 9th of August 1634.

Why was he chosen as our school's eponym?

This remarkable man deserves to be preserved from oblivion. He was the 44th abbot of the "Oberalteich" monastery, with a magnificent baroque church, less than two kilometers away from our school.

When our school was founded in the 1970s, one aim was to give new impulse and new perspectives to the younger generation in a fast changing rural environment. It was meant to be one of multiple steps to increase the chances for futures generations in our home region.

Our school's goal ever since has it been to take up and carry the light of education and a formation, based on long-standing values, thus creating a beacon of learning and wisdom in our school's county.